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Günther, 1903

Umbrella about as high as wide; jelly thick [Bythotiara murrayi ]. Usually four radial canals, bifurcating (at least once); centripetal canals absent.
Gastric peduncle absent, manubrium small; mouth with four simple lips. Manubrium with four interradial gonads with transverse furrows.
Long hollow tentacles without basal swellings, similar in number to the radial canal endings, tentacles terminating in a large nematocyst cluster; some small secondary and minute dwarf-tentacles [B.murrayi-habitus ].

Umbrella up to about 20 mm wide and high.

Depth range
Deep-water species.

Distribution in the North Sea
Skagerrak, Norwegian coast.

World distribution

Hydroid probably unknown.

[After Russell, 1955; Kramp, 1959; Kramp, 1961]

Bythotiara murrayi