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About this program

This product is primarily based on the book, “Turbellaria of the World, a Guide to Families & Genera” (1986; ISBN 0724216316), written by L.R.G. Cannon. The book’s content has been enlarged with numerous sections and items, and has been updated by the author, though without any major change in its structure.

A complete description and update of all higher taxa down to the family or subfamily level is presented, as well as a key to the families and subfamilies. A comprehensive glossary provides definitions for numerous terms. Most of the data in this program have been linked and fast search and find tools are provided.

-The Navigator is the first section that appears when you start the program. It is the "center" of the program from which you can access any part of the system. Clicking the icons on this page gives you access to other parts of the program.
-The Introduction section contains interesting topics about the Turbellaria and useful information about the program. Each introduction topic is illustrated with a picture.
-The Higher Taxa is the main section of the program. It describes all taxa in the program and includes multimedia files. The taxa detail card contains various database fields. The Multimedia field holds pictures and drawings. Pictures are displayed in separate windows, allowing you to keep multiple pictures on the screen for comparison purposes. The Description field lists all information about the taxonomy and ecology of the taxa described. The Taxonomy field lists the higher taxonomy of each taxon. Clicking on a taxon will bring you to the description of the relevant taxon. The Literature field summons references concerning the taxon.
-The Text Key module contains a completely new and updated key of the families of the Turbellaria of the world. By dichotomous choosing between several presented characters, one should be able to come to the determination of the right family.
-The Glossary contains definitions of terms used throughout the program that may be unfamiliar to you. The terms used throughout program are “hyperlinked”, i.e., when you click on any of these terms the program automatically opens the Glossary and presents you the definition of the term.
-The Index contains a list of names of all the taxa described in the program. Clicking on any of these names will take you directly to the page for that taxon.
-The Literature module contains all the references used in the program. Clicking on a key word will take you directly to the relevant taxon.