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Family Macrostomidae Beneden, 1870


Gut without a pre-oral blind sac, posterior end of body often broadened into an adhesive disc; without asexual zooid formation. Ovaries usually paired; male pore usually separate. Marine and freshwater.

Type genus

Macrostomum Schmidt, 1848


Antromacrostomum Faubel, 1974
Archimacrostomum Ferguson, 1954
Bradburia Faubel, Blome and Cannon, 1994
Bradynectes Rieger, 1971
Dunwichia Faubel, Blome and Cannon, 1994
Inframacrostomum Ferguson, 1954
Macrostomum Schmidt, 1848
Myozona Marcus, 1949
Omalostomum Beneden 1870
Promacrostomum An der Lan, 1939
Psammacrostomum Ax, 1966
Siccomacrostomum Schmidt and Sopott-Ehlers, 1976


A good account of the worms of this group with keys to genera is given by Ferguson (1954). Although Protomacrostomum Steinböck, 1935 has been referred to this family, its status is doubtful.

Family Macrostomidae