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Family Dolichomacrostomidae Rieger, 1971


Body usually elongate and round in section, pharynx tubular, posteriorly directed, frontal glands behind brain and ducts pass through it. Common genital pore opens into a common atrium, female opens from anterior, male obliquely from posterior, usually a glandular accessory organ opening separately or with male organ, testis single, anterior or level with single or paired ovary, male with seminal vesicle, prostate and anteriorly directed stylet, glands open distally in prostate; female with either a simple extension of oviduct or a vagina, with atrial bursa and characteristic bursal pieces always with 2 little disk-like thickenings. Marine and brackish waters.

Type genus

Dolichomacrostomum Luther, 1947


[DOLICHOMACROSTOMINAE: stylet long, complex]
Bathymacrostomum Faubel, 1977
Dolichomacrostomum Luther, 1947
Megamorion Rieger and Sterrer, 1968
Meiocheta Rieger, 1971
Paramacrostomum Riedel, 1932
Paromalostomum Meixner (in Ax), 1951

[KARLINGIINAE: stylet simple]
Acanthomacrostomum Papi and Swedmark, 1959
Karlingia Ferguson, 1954
Myozonaria Rieger, 1968
Paramyzonaria Rieger, 1971


These worms are treated by Rieger (1971a,b).

Family Dolichomacrostomidae