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Family Solenofilomorphidae Dörjes, 1968


Mouth anterior subterminal, pharynx simplex tubular and ciliated. Germinal region hermaphroditic; single, dorsal ovary/testis, oocytes reach behind male complex, copulatory organ in mid-body.

Type genus

Solenofilomorpha Dörjes, 1968


Endocincta Crezée, 1975
Fusantrum Crezée, 1975
Myopea Crezée, 1975
Oligofilomorpha Dörjes, 1971
Solenofilomorpha Dörjes, 1968


Refer to Dörjes (1971) and Crezée (1975) for an account of these worms.

Family Solenofilomorphidae