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Family Haploposthiidae Westblad, 1949


Mouth ventral. Male organ simple, sometimes a barrel-like seminal vesicle and/or tubular male atrum, no penis (perhaps a very small papilla), male gonopore ventral or terminal.

Type genus

Haploposthia An der Lan, 1936


Adenocauda Dörjes, 1968
Afronta Hyman, 1944
Convolutriba Hendelberg and Akesson, 1988
Deuterogonaria Dörjes, 1968
Haplogonaria Dörjes, 1968
Haploposthia An der Lan, 1936
Heterocheorus Haswell, 1905
Kuma Marcus, 1950
Parahaplogonaria Dörjes, 1968
Parahaploposthia Dörjes, 1968
Pseudohaplogonaria Dörjes, 1968
Pseudokuma Dörjes, 1968
Simplicomorpha Dörjes, 1968
Waminoa Winsor, 1990


Consult Dörjes (1968).
Winsor (1990) reinstated Heterocheorus Haswell, 1905.

Family Haploposthiidae