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This program is based on L. R. G. Cannon's book "Turbellaria of the World - a guide to families & genera", 1986. We are grateful to the Queensland Museum, South Brisbane for giving permission to produce an electronic version of this guide.

The text and pictures of the book were digitized by Sonja Blattmann and Henk Visser. Henk Visser and Ronald Sluys constructed the key in electronic format.

Sections of the program were updated by R. Sluys, who also did the final editing.

The authors to whom I am indebted for adapting their original work are cited in the Bibliography. I am grateful too, to those I visited in 1983—Prof. P. Ax and Drs U. and B. Ehlers and their colleages and students in Göttingen for their kindness and assistance, Prof. T. Karling in Stockholm for his many kindnesses and for his wisdom, Dr A. Christensen in Helsingør, Dr K. Reise and students on Sylt, Prof. I. Ball and students in Amsterdam and Dr J. Young in Liverpool who all extended their hospitality and their insight. I would like to thank also Dr J. Jennings, Mr Leigh Winsor and numerous Australian colleages and others overseas from whom in discussion or correspondence I have learned much. Particularly I would like to thank Drs. M. Burt and L. Flemming of Fredericton for helping to circulate an earlier draft of the MS. to delegates to the IV International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria for their comments and to all those who kindly gave their time and energy to do so. For comments on the Polycladida I am endebted to Dr A. Faubel of Hamburg and especially to Mr S. Prudhoe of London. I happily acknowledge the support of the Queensland Museum and staff and the Australian Bureau of Flora and Fauna whose generosity has enabled me to pursue this enterprise. Finally I wish to thank Stephen Francis for his enthusiastic and intelligent illustrating. Graditude to Leigh Winsor for additional pictures.