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Family Prosthiostomidae Lang, 1884


Body long, slender, anteriorly rounded, smooth dorsally, without tentacles, eyes about anterior or around entire margin. Pharynx long, tubular, mouth anterior, intestine mainly behind pharynx, not anastomosing. Male copulatory complex just behind pharynx, paired spherical accessory vesicles opening to ejaculatory duct (maybe in copulatory bulb), prostate absent, penis with stylet; without uterine vesicles.

Type genus

Prosthiostomium Quatrefages, 1845

Amakusaplana Kato, 1938
Enchiridium Bock, 1913
Euprosthiostomum Bock, 1925
Lurymare Marcus and Marcus, 1968
Prosthiostomium Quatrefages, 1845


A moderately large group of mainly tropical species.

Family Prosthiostomidae