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Family Childiidae Dörjes, 1968


Mouth ventral. Male organ well developed, conical penis stylet always present, not inserted into seminal vesicle (if present), male pore variable in position.

Type genus

Childia Graff, 1911


Actinoposthia An der Lan, 1936
Adeloposthia An der Lan, 1936
Archactinoposthia Dörjes, 1968
Atriofronta Dörjes, 1968
Childia Graff, 1911
Microposthia Faubel, 1974
Paractinoposthia Ehlers and Dörjes, 1979
Paraphanostoma Steinböck, 1931
Paraproporous Westblad, 1945
Pelophila Dörjes, 1968
Philactinoposthia Dörjes, 1968
Proactinoposthia Dörjes, 1968
Pseudactinoposthia Dörjes, 1968
Tetraposthia An der Lan, 1936


The hard stylets of these worms should facilitated recognition. Note: Paractinoposthia was originally given as Monoposthia, but corrected in an addendum.

Family Childiidae