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Family Otocelididae Westblad, 1949


Eyes present or absent. Penis usually inserted into seminal vesicle; seminal receptacle (bursa) present with or without accessory pieces, more or less lengthy vagina always opening behind male pore, either in common gonopore or separate.

Type genus

Otocelis Diesing, 1862


Archocelis Dörjes, 1968
Exocelis Ehlers and Dörjes, 1979
Haplocelis Dörjes, 1968
Haplotestis Dörjes, 1968
Notocelis Dörjes, 1968
Otocelis Diesing, 1862
Parotocelis Ehlers and Dörjes 1979
Philocelis Dörjes, 1968


For biological notes on these worms refer to Kozloff (1972).

Family Otocelididae