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Family Hofsteniidae Bock, 1923


Mouth anterior (terminal or subterminal), pharynx long, tubular with simple, bell-like or strong musculature, gastrodermis with or without lumen. Nervous system with cords lying in body wall musculature, statocyst with 1 or more statoliths. Testis diffuse, seminal vesicle present or absent, with prostate, penis armed with stylet, male gonopore immediately behind mouth; ovaries paired or follicular, ventral, extending to posterior, female accessory organs absent.

Type genus

Hofstenia Bock, 1923


Hofstenia Bock, 1923
Hofsteniola Papi, 1957
Marcusiola Steinböck, 1966


Steinböck (1966) gave a comprehensive account of the worms of this group.

Family Hofsteniidae