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Suborder Proseriata Meixner, 1938


With pharynx plicatus. Ovary and vitellaria separate, ovary(s) paired, small compact, at distal end of vitelline duct, vitellaria follicular arranged along the vitelline duct.


This group is closely related to the Tricladida within the larger group Seriata according to Sopott-Ehlers (1984). She considered the Bothrioplanidae deserve ordinal status -Bothrioplanida.
Martens and Curini-Galletti (1994) erected a new family Archimonocelididae with two subfamilies - Achimonocelidinae to include Archimonocelis and Meidiama (formerly in the Monocelididae) and Calvirinae to accomodate Aslomaria (also formerly in the Monocelididae) and a new genus Calviria.

Suborder Proseriata