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(Savigny, 1816)


External appearance
Colonial, with zooids immersed and arranged in biserial linear systems. Colony flat, encrusting, usually grey, orange or red-brown. Test soft and smooth.

Zooids up to 3 mm in length; body not divided into thorax and abdomen. Oral siphon unlobed and relatively wide; atrial siphon with no, or only small, dorsal lip. Eight to 16 simple branchial tentacles of variable size. Branchial sac bearing 9 to 15 rows of straight stigmata; three internal longitudinal bars on each side; no folds. Gut left of branchial sac; stomach trumpet-shaped, with 9 to 11 longitudinal folds. Ovary dorsal and posterior to testis; mulberry-like testis lateral on each side (B. leachi zooid).

Attached to hard substrata; from shallow water to depths of several hundred metres.

From Norway to the Mediterranean.

Botrylloides leachi