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Hentschel, 1923

Definition: Encrusting, massive, club-shaped and branching growth forms. Choanosomal skeleton plumose or plumo-reticulate, composed of bundles of smooth tornotes. Ectosomal skeleton with a thick crust of tangentially placed acanthostyles and/or acanthoxeas. Acanthose spicules may also be embedded perpendicular to skeletal tracts and/or erect on basal spongin (= echinating basal acanthostyles), and dispersed within the choanosome between the tracts of smooth diactines. Microscleres consist of arcuate isochelae, rarely anisochelae or sigmas (Crella elegans).

Remarks: 23 nominal genera are included in this family, of which only a five are recognised as valid; one genus, Crella, has four subgenera.

Source: van Soest, 2002h.

Genera represented in the area:
Crella Gray, 1867; (type species Cribrella elegans Schmidt, 1862) (syn. Aaaba de Laubenfels, 1936; Crellinspira de Laubenfels, 1936; Crelloxea Hechtel, 1983; [Cribrella ] Schmidt, 1862 [preocc.]; Grayella Carter, 1869; Grella de Laubenfels, 1936; Pytheas Topsent, 1890; Ramosichela de Laubenfels, 1950; Pytheilla de Laubenfels, 1936; Tisrone de Laubenfels, 1936; Yvesia Topsent, 1890; Yvesiella de Laubenfels, 1936; Yvesiorbas de Laubenfels, 1936): encrusting to massive; ectosomal skeleton composed of a tangential layer of acanthostyles or acanthoxeas; choanosomal skeleton composed of smooth tornotes or strongyles and echinating acanthostyles, or in encrusting forms of an erect basal layer of acanthostyles; microscleres may include arcuate isochelae, sometimes absent.
Subgenus Crella: basal acanthostyles present, chelae absent.
Subgenus Grayella: no basal acanthostyles, no chelae.
Subgenus Pytheas: both basal acanthostyles and chelae present.
Subgenus Yvesias: no basal acanthostyles, chelae present.

Crellomima Rezvoj, 1932 (type species Crella incrustans Hentschel, 1929) (syn. Damonilla de Laubenfels, 1936): ectosomal acanthostyles or acanthostrongyles, oxeote tornotes in subectosomal skeleton, microscleres are unguiferous isochelae.

Species included:
Crella albula
Crella basispinosa
Crella digitifera
Crella donsi
Crella elegans
Crella fusifera
Crella mammillata
Crella plana
Crella pyrula
Crella rosea
Crella schottlaenderi
Crellomima derma

Species not treated here:
Crella akraleitae (Brøndsted, 1932), Faroes, deep water
Crella carnosa (Topsent, 1904), deep water
Crella jaegerskjoeldi Alander (1937), Sweden, deep water
Crella nodulosa (Sarà, 1969),
Crella polymastia (Thiele, 1903), Norway, cf. Arndt, 1935: 76, fig. 156
Crellomima incrustans (Hentschel, 1929), Arctic, deep water

Family Crellidae