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Borojevic, Boury-Esnault & Vacelet, 2000

Definition: Leuconoid Calcaronea with the skeleton either composed exclusively of microdiactines, or in which microdiactines constitute exclusively or predominantly a specific sector of the skeleton, such as choanoskeleton or atrial skeleton. Large or giant spicules are frequently present in the cortical skeleton, from which they can partially or fully invade the choanoderm. In sponges with a reinforced cortex, the inhalant pores can be restricted to a sieve-like ostia-bearing region. Dagger-shaped small tetractines (pugioles) are frequently the sole skeleton of the exhalant aquiferous system. Although the skeleton may be highly reinforced by the presence of dense layers of microdiactines in a specific region, an aspicular calcareous skeleton is not present.

Remarks: Baerida contains three families, Baeriidae Borojevic et al., 2000 with four genera, Trichogypsiidae Borojevic et al., 2000 with three genera, and Lepidoleuconidae Vacelet, 1967b which is monotypic.

Source: Borojevic et al. 2002c.

Order Baerida