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Sarà and Siribelli, 1960

Species Overview

Hymerhabdia intermedia Sarà and Siribelli (1960) is small thinly encrusting sponge with hispid surface and yellow-brown color. It is a Mediterranean species recorded once from Roscoff.

Taxonomic Description

Colour: Yellow-brown.
Shape, size, surface and consistency: Small encrustations with hispid surface. Consistency firm.
Spicules: Large styles: 450-780 x 12-20 µm (Mediterranean: 510-1480 x 10-17 µm); rhabdostyles: 140-280 x 3-9 µm; curved strongyles, often centrotylote: 150-265 x 3-11 µm.
Skeleton: Not described. Presumably, styles are erect on a basal mass of curved strongyles.
Ecology: Encrusting pebbles at 85 m.
Distribution: Roscoff, Naples.
Etymology: The name refers to the intermediate position of this species between Hymerhabdia typica and H. oxytrunca.
Type specimen information: The type is stated to be in the Stazione Zoologica di Napoli, #232 (collected at 23-11-1959).


This species differs from its close relative H. typica in the less strongly curved condition of the basal strongyles.
Source: Sarà and Siribelli, 1960.

Hymerhabdia intermedia