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Topsent, 1892a

Species Overview

Gelliodes fayalensis Topsent (1892a) is an ill-known deeper water species forming greyish yellow lobes crowned with large oscules. Surface smooth. The record from Roscoff needs confirmation.

Taxonomic Description

Colour: Greyish yellow.
Shape, size, surface and consistency: Massive-lobate sponge, with smooth surface. Large oscules on top of the lobes. Consistency firm.
Spicules: (Gelliodes fayalensis spics) Megascleres: Long, curved oxeas: 150-270 x 3-8 µm. Microscleres: Sigmas 16-25 µm.
Skeleton: Reticulation of thick spicule tracts with indistinct primary tracts.
Ecology: Deep water, 70-130 m, on shells and stones.
Distribution: Azores, Roscoff
Etymology: Faial is one of the nine Azores.
Type specimen information: The type is in the Monaco Museum; a slide is kept in the Muséum Nationale d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.


This is a dubious Gelliodes, because the spicule tracts are not clearly divided in main and interconnecting tracts. The record from Roscoff needs to be re-examined.
Source: Topsent, 1892a.

Gelliodes fayalensis