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(Ferrer-Hernandez, 1922)

Species Overview

Antho (Acarnia) erecta (Ferrer-Hernandez, 1922) is a bladed low-browing bush with rough surface. It is only known from its original description which is very incomplete. The growth form is not known from other Antho species, so we assume it is a good species. It is so far known only from Santander in North Spain.

Taxonomic Description

Colour: No information.
Shape, size, surface and consistency: Low-growing bushy-lamellate sponge; lamellae consisting of several anastomed branches ("crestas de gallo" = cockscomb), and groups of such blades issue from a common short stalk, which ends in a holdfast. No size is given. Surface optically rough but not to the touch. Oscules very small. No data on consistency.
Spicules: (Antho erecta spics) Megascleres: Ectosomal subtylostyles, no size given; robust choanosomal styles, straight, 600-880 x 24-32 µm; strongyles of the axial reticulation ("tylostrongyles"), rugose but not spined, 280-340 x 18-20 µm. Microscleres: Palmate isochelas, no size given; toxas, robust, shallow-curved, size variable but not specified.
Skeleton: (Antho erecta skel) Axial renieroid reticulation of strongyles. Peripheral skeleton consists of groups of styles erect on the nodes of the axial skeleton. Ectosomal subtylostyles are scattered among these brushes and also in the organic skin.
Ecology: No data
Distribution: So far only known from Santander, N Spain.
Etymology: The name refers to the erect habit.
Type specimen information: No data.


This is an ill-known species, known only from its very incomplete original description. The distinguishing characters apparently are the bladed habit which is not known in other Antho species, and the smooth-rugose strongyles of the axial skeleton.
Source: Ferrer-Hernandez, 1922; Lévi, 1960.

Antho erecta