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Author: Teng, 1959

Field Marks:
No anal fin, two dorsal fins with large spines, bladelike unicuspidate teeth in upper and lower jaws, with lowers much larger than uppers, a moderately long and broad snout, long first dorsal fin and high second dorsal, blocklike, sessile-crowned, widespaced, teardrop-shaped, strongly cuspidate lateral denticles, and rear tips of pectoral fins broadly angular and slighthly extended.

Diagnostic Features:
Snout moderately long, broadly parabolic, preoral snout somewhat less than mouth width and considerably shorter than distance from mouth to pectoral origins; upper anterolateral teeth with erect to semioblique cusps. First dorsal fin fairly low and long; second dorsal moderately large, about as high as first, with base about 3/4 length of first dorsal base, and spine origin over inner margins of pelvic fins; distance from first dorsal insertion to origin of second dorsal spine about as long as tip of snout to pectoral insertions in adults and subadults; free rear tips of pectoral fins formed into moderately broad, angular and slightly elongated lobes that fall in front of the level of first dorsal spine, inner margins considerably shorter than distance from second dorsal spine to caudal origin; caudal fin with a nearly straight posterior margin in adults and subadults. Lateral trunk denticles not overlapping each other, blocklike, with crowns sessile on bases and without pedicels, crowns longitudinally elongated and teardrop-shaped in adults, with a strong main cusp and no lateral cusps on their posterior edges.

Geographical Distribution:
Only known from the type locality, off northeastern Taiwan Island.

Habitat and Biology:
A little-known but common deepwater dogfish from off Taiwan Island, at about 250 m depth.

The type specimen is an adult female, 154 cm long, suggesting that this species is one of the larger species of Centrophorus.

Interest to Fisheries:
Regularly fished with line gear off Taiwan, Province of China, for its large liver with oil rich in squalene.

Type material:
Holotype: Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, TFRI 3612, 1540 mm adult female. TypeLocality: Northeast coast of Taiwan (Province of China), 24° 48'N, 121° 54'E, at about 250 m depth.

Taiwan gulper shark (Centrophorus niaukang)