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Genus Rhizoprionodon Whitley, 1929

Rhizoprionodon Whitley, 1929, Aust.Zool., 5(4):354. Proposed as a replacement name for Rhizoprion Ogilby, 1915.

Type Species:
Carcharias (Scoliodon) crenidens Klunzinger, 1879, by original designation; a junior synonym of Carcharias acutus Rüppell, 1837.

Genus Rhizoprion Ogilby, 1915 (junior homonym of Rhizoprion Jourdan, 1861, in Mammalia); Genus Protozygaena Whitley, 1940.

FAO Names:
CARCH Rhiz [FAO Code]

Genus Rhizoprionodon