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Author: Springer, 1966

Field Marks:
A Schroederichthys with fairly slender body (adults), broad snout and numerous small dark brown spots bordering saddles.

Diagnostic Features:
Trunk and tail fairly slender in adults but extremely attenuated in young. Snout more broadly rounded; anterior nasal flaps narrow and lobate; mouth relatively broad and wide. Colour pattern of 7 or 8 brown saddles on liqht brown dorsal surface, with numerous small dark brown spots bordering saddles and scattered between them; no white spots. Adults to at least 70 cm.

Geographical Distribution:
Western Atlantic: Brazil (off Amazon River mouth).

Habitat and Biology:
A little-known deepwater tropical catshark of the upper continental slope, found on or near the bottom at 410 m depth.

Maximum 70 cm (adult).

Interest to Fisheries:

Type material:
Holotype: U.S. National Museum of Natural History 188052, 230 mm, immature male. Type Locality: Off mouth of the Amazon River, Brazil, 01°49'N 46°48'W, in about 410 m depth.

Slender catshark (Schroederichthys tenuis)