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Author: McCulloch, 1915

Diagnostic Features:
Very similar to C. uyato and possibly not distinct; said to differ in its partially serrated lower teeth, but serrations on the lower teeth are a variable feature in Centrophorus.

Geographical Distribution:
Western Pacific: ? Taiwan Island, Australia.

Habitat and Biology:
A little-known deepwater dogfish of the continental and insular slopes at 250 to 384 m.

Maximum reported 80 cm.

Interest to Fisheries: None ?

C. harrissoni is very close to C. uyato and may be a junior synonym of that species; C. armatus barbatus Teng, 1962, is apparently not conspecific with Atractophorus armatus Gilchrist, 1922 (= C. moluccensis), but may instead be based on a juvenile (with barbed dorsal spines) of C. harrissoni or C. uyato. C. harrissoni itself is very close to C. uyato, and may be a junior synonym of that species.

Type material:
Holotype: ? number, 760 mm female. Type Locality: Near Cabo Island, victoria, Australia.

Dumb gulper shark (Centrophorus harrissoni)