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Scientific synonyms and common names

Diacria costata (Pfeffer, 1879)


Hyalaea quadridentata (non Lesueur, 1821) Sowerby, 1878, pl. 2, fig. 14
Hyalea quadridentata var. costata n. var. Pfeffer, 1879: 234
Hyalea costata Pfeffer, 1880b: 91
Hyalaea quadridentata var. costata Boas, 1886a: 100
Diacria quadridentata costata Tesch, 1913c: 42
Diacria quadridentata forma costata Tesch, 1946: 27
Diacria quadridentata forma d'Orbignyi Van der Spoel, 1967: 88
Diacria quadridentata quadridentata forma orbignyi Van der Spoel, 1970a: 131
Diacria quadridentata quadridentata forma costata Van der Spoel, 1976c:51
Diacria costata Leyen and Van der Spoel, 1982: 102

A central water and an equatorial form are distinguished in this species, but not given separately here (Leyen and Van der Spoel, 1982) These forms are mainly separated on the basis of the shell sizes. Hyalaea orbigny is a fossil species (Van der Spoel, 1973b)

Diacria costata