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Scientific synonyms and common names

Diacavolinia strangulata (Deshayes, 1823)


Cleodora strangulata nom. nud. Deshayes, 1823: 204
Cavolinia longirostris var. strangulata n. sp. Hedley, 1907b: 285
Hyalea longirostris var. Knocker, 1868: 621
Hyalaea longirostris? (non De Blainville, 1821) Sowerby, 1878, pl. 2, fig. 12
Cavolinia longirostris var.? Hedley, 1906b: 76
Cavolinia longirostris var. strangulata Hedley, 1907b: 285
Cavolinia longirostris strangulata Tesch, 1913c: 46
Cavolina strangulata Hedley, 1917: 106
Cavolinia strangulata (as form only) Tesch, 1948: 30
Cavolinia longirostris forma strangulata Van der Spoel, 1967: 93
Diacavolinia strangulata Van der Spoel, Bleeker and Kobayasi, 1993: 146

Diacavolinia strangulata