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Scientific synonyms and common names

Clione limacina (Phipps, 1774) subsp. limacina (Phipps, 1774) forma limacina (Phipps, 1774)

Common names

Sea angel (English)
Krill (Norwegian and English)


Clio limacina n. sp. Phipps, 1774: 195
Clione borealis n. sp. Pallas, 1774: 28
Clio retusa (non Linnaeus, 1767) n. sp. Muller, 1776: 226
Clio boreal Péron and Lesueur, 1810: 69
Clio caduceus? n. sp. De Blainville, 1824: 274
Clio miquelonensis n. sp. Rang, 1825: 285
Trichocyclus dumerilii? n. sp. Eschscholtz, 1825: 735
Clio pyramidalis Souleyet, 1852a: 80
Clione papilionacea n. sp. Jeffreys, 1869: 121
Clione limacina Mörch, 1857c: 7
Clione dalli n. sp. Krausse, 1885: 299
Trichocyclus dumereilii Verrill, 1885b : 215
Clione limacina var. typica n. var. Meisenheimer, 1906a: 101
Clione limacina limacina Tesch, 1913c: 126
Clione kincaidi Agersborg, 1923: 392
Trichocyclus hansineensis? n. sp. Agersborg, 1923: 395
Cleone limacina Johnson, 1926: 22
Clione limacina part Manteufel, 1937: 25
Clione limacina forma limacina Van der Spoel, 1964a: 175
Clione limacina northern race n. race: Mileikovsky, 1970a: 317
Clione limacina limacina forma limacina Van der Spoel, 1972a: 80

Clione limacina limacina limacina