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(Scott, 1909)

Carapace long with height about 45% of length. Male rostrum bifid (B. darcythompsoni Habitus 3) - a unique character - but complete in the female (B. darcythompsoni Habitus 2). Dorsal margin straight with posterior corner of right valve developed into a small blunt spine (B. darcythompsoni 4). Left valve right-angled at postero-dorsal corner. Carapace glands open symmetrically in slits in the posterior margin of each valve just below the dorsal corner (B. darcythompsoni 4). Ventral margin parallels dorsal margin, then curves smoothly into the incisure and into the posterior margin.
Female, there is a hollow at mid-length of dorsal surface, to rear of shoulder vaults. Any sculpturing is obscure, but in some specimens striae can be seen intercepting anterior margin obliquely below the incisure. Pitting occurs on the rostra and along flanks below incisure. In fresh material there are patches of reddish coloration in the anterior region below the incisure, and around the postero-ventral corner (B. darcythompsoni Habitus 3). Endopodite of second antenna with hirsute "a" and "b" setae, the former with short hairs, the latter with long.
Male, hook appendage carrying three long setae on its basal shank, indicating that the appendage is derived from a modified segment (B. darcythompsoni 6). Fifth limb carries a long dorsal seta not extending beyond the end of limb on first podomere. Male sixth limb with one (of three) terminal setae very long. Caudal furca with eight pairs of claw setae.

Originally described by Scott, 1909 as a Euconchoecia species. Deevey (1968) erected the genus Bathyconchoecia to accommodate this and six other species which she described from stomach contents of benthic fishes.

Gulf of Guinea (Poulsen, 1969b) and off the Azores (Poulsen, 1972). Discovery Collections material includes specimens from 4000m off N. W. Africa and the Porcupine Seabight region off S. W. Ireland.

Type specimens
None designated; status of original material uncertain.

Type locality
Original material came from the Goldseeker station 53; 59°36'N, 7°W; date August 1907; depth 1140m; two males, one female and two juveniles.

Bathyconchoecia darcythompsoni