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Many ostracod workers have helped and encouraged me over the years, and so have contributed indirectly to this Synopsis.

I owe the greatest debt to Lou Komicker and the late Georgiana Deevey.

At the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences there have been many
who have contributed to my work on planktonic ostracods but Mrs Carol Graves, Dr Andrew Gooday and Dr Celia Ellis deserve special mention, because without their highly skilled help and guidance I could never have attempted such a key.

Dr T. Ikeda of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute, Niigata, Japan, kindly allowed me to quote some of
his unpublished data.

Mrs Christine Darter has over many years converted my rough drawings into publishable form. She was able to prepare the drawings for this volume thanks to a grant from the Natural Environment Research Council given to the Linnean Society.
This enabled her to come out of retirement and complete the task.

Dr Alicia Moguilevsky generously made the time to read the text
and contributed numerous helpful suggestions for improvements. She helped me to make my terminology much more consistent with that used by geologists.

Mrs Pamela Talbot has patiently tried to keep some semblance of order to my papers, an unenviable task.

I must also acknowledge the help and considerable patience of
Dr Doris Kermack, who as the editor must have thought I was never going to produce a manuscript, and then gave the objective advice on cleaning up the initially rather rough product.

Entry into Linnaeus II 1.2 by Bert Peper. Port to Linnaeus II 2.0 by Ruud Altenburg. Transfer to Linnaeus II 2.1 by Jan-Herman van der Sloot and Aras van Hertum.