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Jaeger, 1833

H. (Halodeima) atra is a black sea cucumber with black tentacles, frequently covered with sand (H. atra photo). It is a small to very large species (up to 600 mm), fissiparous, cylindrical with rounded ends, a smooth tegument and a pliable body wall. Toxic red fluid is released from the skin on rubbing. Spicules are tables with a reduced disc and a moderate spire bearing a 'maltese cross', and rosettes but no buttons (H. atra spicules). Small specimens tend to have a thin coating of sand with open patches of black skin showing through, large specimens are seen either with no sand covering or with a thick unbroken covering above. Specimens of this animal are conspicuous and common, lying exposed on sand flats of reefs and the coast at beaches.

Holothuria atra