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Semper, 1868

H. arenicola is a cream/white-coloured species with a double row of dark red spots along its upper surface. It is small to medium sized (up to 300 mm.), long and cylindrical, sometimes sand covered. It is a rigid species with a tough tegument covered with small, hard papillae. Cuvierian tubules are vestigial. The spicules are small, square tables, and buttons with rather small holes (H. arenicola spicules). This species may be found on reefs and in coastal waters, usually in the sand below rocks.

Remarks: Colour and pattern serve to distinguish Holothuria (Thymiosycia) species when alive. Spicule form must be used to clearly distinguish H. arenicola from H. (Lessonothuria) pardalis or even H. (Cyslipus) rigida with which it shares a superficial similarity of form and habit.

Holothuria arenicola