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Semper, 1868

H. (Selenkothuria) erinaceus is a grey/brown sea cucumber, mottled above with a black cloaca. It is a small to medium (Semper reported lengths of 100-200 mm), cylindrical species. The flattened lower surface is densely crowded with tube feet, and long fine papillae are present on the upper surface. Spicules are flattened plates and rods (H. erinaceus spicules). This species can be found on reefs and in coastal areas on sandy flats.

Remarks: A second species of this subgenus, H. (Selenkothuria) moebii, has been recorded from Lord Howe Is. It is brown with yellow tube feet and has spinose rods. Since spicular tables may be reduced or absent (rare), care must be exercised to distinguish these species from Bohadschia species

Holothuria erinaceus