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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Tenellia adspersa (Nordmann, 1845)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Tergipes adspersa Nordmann, 1845
Aeolidia casaretii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia demartinii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia durazzii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia bellardii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia defilippii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia gandolfii Verany, 1846
Aeolidia souleyeto Verany, 1846
Aeolidia whately Verany, 1846
Aeolidia tergipedina Verany, 1846
Aeolidia grubbi Verany, 1846
Eolis ventilabrum Dalyell, 1853
Embletonia pallida Alder & Hancock, 1854
Tenellia mediterranea Costa A., 1866
Embletonia grayi Kent, 1869
Eolis armoricana Hesse, 1872
Tergipes lacinulata sensu auct. non de Blainville, 1824
Embletonia mediterranea; Vannucci & Hosoe, 1953
Tenellia pallida; Thompson & Brown, 1976
Tenellia adspersa (Nordmann, 1844): Picton, 1995

Tenellia adspersa