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(Linné, 1758)

The shell is approximately circular, almost equivalve. Umbones are distinct, medially situated but curving anteriorly beyond midline. Lunule is short and deep, no escutcheon; ligament is deeply inset and hidden. Left valve with a bifid anterior and a single posterior cardinal teeth, right valve with a single anterior and bifid posterior. Each valve with a single anterior and posterior lateral teeth, often indistinct. Sculpture of numerous fine, concentric lines, growth stages are clear. Pallial line is distinct, anterior adductor scar is elongate-oval, fused with the pallial line along the dorsal one-third of its anterior border (L. lacteus).

Up to 20 mm long.

White or cream, periostracum with very pale beige tints. Inner surfaces are white.

In sand and fine gravel, from the lower shore to at least 150 m.

Reported from the Channel, off Northumberland coast, and from the Isle of Man (Distr. L. lacteus); distributed south to the Mediterranean and west Africa.

Loripes lacteus