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(Philippi, 1844)

Description (shell):
Shell small, smooth, glossy with low spire of three to four tumid, rapidly expanding whorls. Sculpture confined to fine, irregular growth lines, augmented in umbilical region by a few spiral ridges. Aperture with a sinus, or embayment, at periphery and base; inner lip reflected over and partly occluding oval umbilicus.
It is considered that the North Sea species is D. pusilla (Jeffreys) and that Dikoleps nitens (Philippi) is a Mediterranean species.

Up to 1 x 1 mm.

White or pale horn-coloured.

Body as for Skenea serpuloides , but lacking postoptic tentacle and with shorter anterio-lateral processes on foot.

On rocky shores among weeds and detrital sediment at LWST, sublittoral on gravelly and shelly sand down to 50 m.

As for Skenea serpuloides , but recorded also from Norway. Considered to be less common in British waters (Distr. D. pusilla).

Dikoleps pusilla