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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Chrysallida interstincta (Adams J., 1797)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Turbo interstinctus Adams J., 1797
Turbo interstinctus Montagu, 1803 non Turbo interstinctus Adams J., 1797
Odostomia interstincta: Montagu, 1803
Jaminia obtusa Brown, 1827
Parthenina obtusa: Brown, 1827
Pyramis lamarckii Brown T., 1844
Elodia hortensiae de Nansouty, 1872
Odostomia penchynati B.D.D., 1883
Odostomia jeffreysi var. flexicostata B.D.D., 1883
Parthenia flexicosta Locard, 1886
Pyrgulina pyrgulella Coen, 1937
Chrysallida obtusa

Chrysallida interstincta