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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Buccinum humphreysianum Bennet, 1824

Scientific synonyms and common names

Buccinum humphreysianum Bennet, 1824
Buccinum ventricosum Kiener, 1834 non Buccinum ventricosum Grateloup, 1827
Buccinum fusiforme Kiener, 1834 non Buccinum fusiforme Borson, 1820
Buccinum striatum Philippi, 1844 non Buccinum striatum Pennant, 1777
Buccinum puxleianum Leach, 1847
Buccinum humphreysianum var. lactea Jeffreys, 1867 non Buccinum lacteum Kiener, 1834
Buccinum kieneri Monterosato, 1872
Buccinum inflatum Aradas & Benoit, 1876 non Buccinum inflatum Shaw, 1811
Buccinum monterosatoi Locard, 1886
Buccinum humphreysianum var. azonata Locard, 1886
Buccinum atractodeum Locard, 1886
Buccinum monterosatoi var. flammulata Locard, 1886
Buccinum liocephalum Pallary, 1931
Buccinum lusitanicum Pallary, 1931
Buccinum euthriaeforme Paulus & Mars, 1942
Buccinum inflatum panormitanum Settepassi, 1977
Buccinum inflatum partenopaeum Settepassi, 1977
Buccinum gracile Settepassi, 1977 ; Settepassi, 1977 ex Monterosato ms.

Buccinum humphreysianum