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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Aplysia punctata (Cuvier, 1803)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Aplysia punctata Cuvier, 1803
Aplysia rosea Rathke, 1799
Aplysia hybrida Sowerby J., 1806
Aplysia mustelina Pennant, 1812
Aplysia stellata Risso, 1818
Aplysia marginata de Blainville, 1823
Aplysia cuvieri delle Chiaje, 1824
Aplysia virescens Risso, 1826
Aplysia ferussaci Rang, 1828
Aplysia longicornis Rang, 1828
Aplysia dumortieri Cantraine, 1840
Aplysia guttata Sars M., 1840
Aplysia nexa Thompson, 1845
Aplysia varians Leach, 1847
Aplysia griffithsiana Leach, 1847
Aplysia albo-punctata Deshayes, 1853

Aplysia punctata