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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Aeolidia papillosa (Linnaeus, 1761)

Scientific synonyms and common names

Limax papillosa Linné, 1761
Doris bodoensis Gunnerus, 1770
Doris vermigera Turton, 1807
Eolis cuvieri Lamarck, 1819
Eolidia zetlandica Forbes & Goodsir, 1839
Eolis obtusalis Alder & Hancock, 1842
Eolis rosea Alder & Hancock, 1842
Aeolis lesliana MacGillivray, 1843
Aeolis murrayana MacGillivray, 1843
Eolis farinacea Stimpson, 1853 ; Stimpson, 1853 ex Gould ms.
Eolis plumata Dalyell, 1853
Aeolidia serotina Bergh, 1873
Aeolidia papillosa var. pacifica Bergh, 1879
Aeolidia herculea Bergh, 1894
Eolis papillosa var. albina Dautzenberg & Durouchoux, 1913
Aeolidia papillosa (Linné, 1761): Picton, 1995

Aeolidia papillosa