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Fischer P., 1883

The following subtaxa of this order occur in the region:

Family Acteonidae
Genus Acteon
Acteon tornatilis
Family Cylichnidae
Genus Cylichna
Cylichna cylindracea
Genus Roxania
Roxania utricula
Genus Scaphander
Scaphander lignarius
Family Diaphanidae
Genus Colpodaspis
Colpodaspis pusillus
Genus Diaphana
Diaphana minuta
Family Philinidae
Genus Philine
Philine angulata
Philine aperta
Philine catena
Philine pruinosa
Philine punctata
Philine quadrata
Philine scabra
Family Retusidae
Genus Retusa
Retusa obtusa
Retusa truncatula
Retusa umbilicata
Genus Volvulella
Volvulella acuminata
Family Runcinidae
Genus Runcina
Runcina coronata

Order Cephalaspidea