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Bergh, 1892

Cryptobranchiate, broad doridaceans with an ample mantle skirt. The dorsal mantle bears abundant spiculose tubercles which sometimes coalesce to form anastomosing ridges with intervening arcades of various degrees of complexity. Rhinophore sheaths and flap-like valves around the branchial pocket are sometimes present; rhinophores lamellate. Propodium bilaminate, the anterior lamina sometimes notched in the midline (not in Archidoris ). Head with flattened oral lobes or finger-like oral tentacles. Feeding upon encrusting sponges. The penis is usually unarmed; no distinct prostate gland. The buccal mass does not possess a muscular pump. Chitinous jaws are absent, and the oral canal is lined by a flimsy cuticle exhibiting little or no substructure. Radula n .0.n , all the teeth smoothly hooked, lacking subsidiary denticulations.

Source: Thompson, 1988.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Archidoris
Archidoris pseudoargus

Family Archidorididae