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Beurlen, 1944

The following subtaxa of this subclass occur in the region:

Order Arcoida
Order Mytiloida
Order Ostreoida
Order Pterioida
Family Anomiidae
Family Arcidae
Family Glycymerididae
Family Limidae
Family Mytilidae
Family Noetidae
Family Ostreidae
Family Pectinidae
Family Pinnidae
Genus Aequipecten
Genus Anomia
Genus Arca
Genus Atrina
Genus Bathyarca
Genus Chlamys
Genus Crassadoma
Genus Crassostrea
Genus Crenella
Genus Glycymeris
Genus Heteranomia
Genus Hyalopecten
Genus Idas
Genus Limaria
Genus Limatula
Genus Limea
Genus Modiolarca
Genus Modiolula
Genus Modiolus
Genus Musculus
Genus Mytilus
Genus Ostrea
Genus Palliolum
Genus Pecten
Genus Pododesmus
Genus Pseudamussium
Genus Striarca
Aequipecten opercularis
Anomia ephippium
Arca nodulosa
Arca tetragona
Atrina pectinata
Bathyarca pectunculoides
Chlamys sulcata
Chlamys varia
Crassadoma pusio
Crassostrea gigas
Crassostrea virginica
Crenella decussata
Glycymeris glycymeris
Heteranomia squamula
Hyalopecten similis
Idas simpsoni
Limaria hians
Limatula gwyni
Limatula subauriculata
Limea loscombi
Modiolarca subpicta
Modiolula phaseolina
Modiolus barbatus
Modiolus modiolus
Musculus costulatus
Musculus discors
Musculus niger
Mytilus edulis
Mytilus galloprovincialis
Ostrea edulis
Palliolum furtivum
Palliolum striatum
Palliolum tigerinum
Pecten maximus
Pododesmus patelliformis
Pododesmus squama
Pseudamussium septemradiatum
Striarca lactea

Subclass Pteromorphia