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Gray J.E., 1853

The following subtaxa of this suborder occur in the region:

Family Aclididae
Genus Aclis
Aclis minor
Aclis walleri
Family Cerithiopsidae
Genus Cerithiella
Cerithiella metula
Genus Cerithiopsis
Cerithiopsis tubercularis
Family Epitoniidae
Genus Epitonium
Epitonium clathratulum
Epitonium clathrus
Epitonium trevelyanum
Epitonium turtonis
Family Eulimidae
Genus Eulima
Eulima bilineata
Eulima glabra
Genus Haliella
Haliella stenostoma
Genus Melanella
Melanella alba
Melanella lubrica
Melanella monterosatoi
Genus Pelseneeria
Pelseneeria minor
Genus Vitreolina
Vitreolina philippi
Family Triphoridae
Genus Cheirodonta
Cheirodonta pallescens
Genus Marshallora
Marshallora adversa

Suborder Ptenoglossa