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Thiele, 1909

This order contains the more primitive families of extant polyplacophorans. The head valve is undifferentiated, whilst the intermediate valves and tail valve are differentiated into various areas. Insertion plates are lacking or very much reduced and never bear notches. The sutural laminae are small. All members of this order are merobranchial.

Source: Jones and Baxter, 1987.

The following subtaxa of this order occur in the region:

Family Acanthochitonidae
Genus Acanthochitona
Family Hanleyidae
Genus Hanleya
Family Ischnochitonidae
Genus Ischnochiton
Genus Callochiton
Genus Tonicella
Family Leptochitonidae
Genus Lepidochitona
Genus Leptochiton

Order Lepidopleurida