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Scientific synonyms and common names

Adriella Thiele, 1893
Beanella Dall, 1882
Beania Dall, 1879 ex Carpenter ms.
Craspedochilus Sars G.O., 1878
Cyanoplax Pilsbry, 1892
Dawsonia Dall, 1879 ex Carpenter ms.
Leptochitona Pilsbry, 1893
Lophochiton Berry, 1925
Middendorffia Dall, 1882 ex Carpenter ms.
Mopaliella Thiele, 1929
Mopaliopsis Thiele, 1893
Ploiochiton Berry, 1926
Trachydermon Carpenter, 1864
Trachochiton Risbec, 1946

Genus Lepidochitona