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(Linné, 1758)

Description (shell):
Shell solid, glossy, opaque; sculpture of spiral lines, crossed by longitudinal lines, with pigment distributed along some of the lines (S. lignarius-drawing).

Up to 45 mm. Total length up to 60 mm.

Green, yellow, or brown.

Body white or orange. Head very short, squat, indented anteriorly; tentacular processes smooth, short, conical. Parapodial lobes extending from anterior end of head shield to about middle of shell; pallial lobe also visible. Burrower, preying on infaunal worms and lamellibranchs (S. lignarius-animal).

In muddy sand; sublittoral, to 700 m.

Common in the North Sea (Distr. S. lignarius).

Scaphander lignarius