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Lovén (1846)

Description (shell):
As in Rissoa lilacina the younger parts of the last whorl bear a series of squarish pits, but costae are absent. A delicate non-costate shell, reticulate pattern of depressions prominent, visible on most whorls; varix slight. Inner lip barely spreads over the last whorl.

Up to 5 x 2.8 mm.

Horn-coloured, varix white, apex and peristome tinged brown or reddish-lilac.

Habitat as for Rissoa lilacina : occasional or locally common on weeds and amongst sandy gravel from LWST down to 50 m.

From western Ireland to Shetlands, Norway and in the Kattegat (Distr. R. porifera).

Rissoa porifera