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(Linné, 1771)

Description (shell):
Shell cap-shaped with recurved beak terminating in a small spire of one or one and a half whorls; slit-like hole opens on anterior slope just below beak, in dead shells an internal hemi-conical septum is seen below this opening (P. noachina-drawing).

Up to 7 x 5 x 4 mm.


Body whitish; foot oval, truncated at front end with 20-30 epipodial tentacles around its base. A bifid tentacle behind eyestalk at base of right cephalic tentacle. (P. noachina-animal).

In British waters confined to sublittoral rocky and stony substrata (especially those rich in sponges) between 20-165 m. Intertidal in high latitudes.

A circumpolar species which extends south to Portugal and the Mediterranean (Distr. P. noachina).

Puncturella noachina