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Koehler & Vaney, 1908

Shell thin, fragile, globose-conical, surmounted by a short pinnacle comprising the three-, or four-whorled protoconch; teleoconch with three rapidly expanding tumid whorls. Surface of the shell without spiral sculpture. Aperture is large and oval.

Up to 5 x 3 mm.


Snout short, broad, with eversible proboscis. Cephalic tentacles are broader at the base, behind which an eye is set. Foot with double-edged anterior margin, large anterior pedal gland and deeply grooved sole; lateral fold extends on to the base of shell in active animals.

Ectoparasitic on regular sea urchins, down to 185 m.

Distributed from the Mediterranean to Norway (Distr. P. minor).

Pelseneeria minor