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Gmelin, 1791

Description (shell):
Shell conical, commonly with lower profile (apical angle 110-120°) than Patella vulgata and with apex noticeably anterior to midline. Radiating ridges finer than in P. vulgata , tending to show characteristic pattern of alternating single and triple ridges, particularly at somewhat straightened posterior margin (P. ulyssiponensis-drawing).

Up to 50 x 40 x 20 mm.

Porcellaneous interior, bluish white with yellow-orange colour centrally.

Cream-orange foot with white pallial tentacles arranged in two series of different sizes.

On rocky shores at MLWNT and below, favouring areas such as gullies and rock pools; most common on exposed shores avoiding extreme shelter and low salinities.

A southern species distributed from the Mediterranean to the British Isles where it achieves its northern limit (Distr. P. ulyssiponensis).

Patella ulyssiponensis