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Cox, 1959

The following subtaxa of this superorder occur in the region:

Order Neogastropoda
Family Muricidae
Genus Nucella
Genus Ocenebra
Genus Trophon
Genus Urosalpinx
Family Nassariidae
Genus Nassarius
Family Turridae
Genus Comarmondia
Genus Mangelia
Genus Oenopota
Genus Raphitoma
Genus Teretia
Genus Typhlomangelia
Genus Bela
Family Buccinidae
Genus Beringius
Genus Buccinum
Genus Colus
Genus Liomesus
Genus Neptunea
Genus Troschelia
Genus Volutopsius
Order Neotaenioglossa
Suborder Ptenoglossa
Family Aclididae
Genus Aclis
Family Adeorbidae
Genus Circulus
Family Aporrhaiidae
Genus Aporrhais
Family Assimineidae
Genus Assiminea
Family Barleeidae
Genus Barleeia
Family Caecidae
Genus Caecum
Family Calyptraeidae
Genus Calyptraea
Genus Crepidula
Family Capulidae
Genus Capulus
Genus Trichotropis
Family Cerithiidae
Genus Bittium
Family Cerithiopsidae
Genus Cerithiella
Genus Cerithiopsis
Family Epitoniidae
Genus Epitonium
Family Eratoidae
Genus Erato
Family Eulimidae
Genus Eulima
Genus Haliella
Genus Melanella
Genus Pelseneeria
Genus Vitreolina
Family Hydrobiidae
Genus Hydrobia
Genus Mercuria
Genus Potamopyrgus
Genus Semisalsa
Genus Ventrosia
Family Iravadiidae
Genus Hyala
Family Lacunidae
Genus Lacuna
Family Lamellariidae
Genus Lamellaria
Family Littorinidae
Genus Littorina
Genus Melaraphe
Family Naticidae
Genus Euspira
Genus Amauropsis
Family Ovulidae
Genus Simnia
Family Ranellidae
Genus Charonia
Family Rissoidae
Genus Alvania
Genus Cingula
Genus Crisilla
Genus Manzonia
Genus Obtusella
Genus Onoba
Genus Pusillina
Family Skeneopsidae
Genus Skeneopsis
Family Tornidae
Genus Tornus
Family Triphoridae
Genus Cheirodonta
Genus Marshallora
Family Triviidae
Genus Trivia
Family Turritellidae
Genus Turritella
Family Velutinidae
Genus Velutina

Superorder Caenogastropoda