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(Sacchi and Rastelli)

Description (shell):
Shell similar to that of Littorina obtusata. Spire reduced or absent, last whorl constituting most or all of shell. Aperture lacking anal sinus, with a more restricted throat; outer lip impinges high on last whorl, almost at right angles to it.

Up to 11 x 12 mm.

The same colour morphs as in Littorina obtusata , yellow and dark reticulated shells being the commonest.

Body essentially as in Littorina obtusata , but differs in the penis (long tapering tip), arrangement of penial glands (single row of 5 -16 glands) and lack of pigmentation in ovipositor (L. fabalis-penis).

Habitat and distribution:
Tends to live lower on the shore than Littorina obtusata , otherwise habitat and distribution similar (Distr. L. fabalis).

Littorina fabalis